A beginners guide to cryptocurrency

Blockchain-related themes are incredibly hot today and cryptocurrencies is among these. We made a decision to start a collection of posts where we’ll describe in plain language such matters as blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts and ICOs.


It may be difficult to describe the cutting edge technologies with easy words but I’ll give it a try because it seems extremely important to describe something which may completely change somebody’s life over the next few years: make it simpler, brighter, and more clearer.

Having made the choice to apply Blockchain into MeetnGreetMe and also to trouble our personal token we believe accountable for our beloved customers and MeetnGreeters that aren’t into this hi-tech globe (exactly the same as most people only a few months ago). So we’ve established this series so as to describe it to our customers. We have already clarified Blockchain and intelligent contracts and now it is time to describe what cryptocurrency is. So let us delve into the subject!

So, essentially, what’s a cryptocurrency?


In the term itself it is possible to see that it’s something to do with cryptography and money.

First, let us define what regular currencies are. Currencies are a type of”economic buffer”, they enable individuals to convert their own efforts into something which preserves its value and may be converted into products or other providers at a subsequent stage in time.

For its own part, cryptography is the procedure for converting normal plain text into unintelligible text along with vice-versa. Modern cryptography deals using confidentiality — data can’t be understood by anybody, ethics — data can’t be changed, and authentication — sender and recipient can affirm each other.

Putting the bits together, cryptocurrency is a medium of market worth (like regular money) that is in the electronic world and is based on collateral, making transactions secure.

Cryptocurrency is an alternate form of payment for money, credit cards, credit cards, and checks. The tech behind it lets you send it straight to other people without going via a 3rd party such as a bankcard. As a result, that you don’t need to use your social security or credit score as security and enables you to be pretty pseudonymous. To put it differently, cryptocurrencies are similar to digital accounting systems. They maintain a record of transactions. The trades are bundled into cubes, which can be cryptographically signed (hence”crypto”money ) and the customer doing the registering gets some amount of components of digital money (and possibly transaction fees) as a reward for performing the job of calculating the cryptographic signature.

It is possible to send cash to your own family without incurring hefty foreign fees if you are working another nation. Merchants no longer need to fret about payment fraud or invalid checks because individuals can only pay what they have.

The most well-known cryptocurrency is, needless to say, Bitcoin, that left everybody interested about the subject of crypto by its own volatile rise, and it has been the de facto benchmark for cryptocurrencies. If you’re happy to find out more about Bitcoin I highly advise you to get familiar with this informative article written by Brian Yahn on Hackernoon. However, the most significant thing is that today you can start your personal cryptocurrency! But let us first outline the key factors:


Summing up, cryptocurrency is a radically new method of paying that produces each of the trades protected and helps to eliminate intermediaries represented by banks, which also leads to a substantial decrease in the commission fee. The principal quality of cryptocurrencies — safety — is supplied by Blockchain tech — a system of computers using an identical replica of the database and altering its documents by a frequent arrangement based on pure math. Additionally, thanks to a few of the principal benefits of Blockchain — smart contracts — it will become possible to produce your own cryptocurrency and problem your personal token. Token is a kind of independently issued cryptocurrency, a component of value that a company generates to control and self-govern its business model, and enable its customers to interact with its goods while facilitating the sharing and distribution of benefits and advantages to all its stakeholders.

And specifically this attribute — chance to start the token — is vital in the context of this MeetnGreetMe platform. We have found MeetnGreetMe Token — WEL — is supposed to fuel the stage and enable its customers to interact with its own products.

— to make it feasible to reward All of the MeetnGreetMe gamers for their participation;

— to incentivize people to consciously utilize the stage , co-create, meet their functions and additional MeetnGreetMe development;

— to gas MeetnGreetMe ecosystem;

— to exclude a pricey middleman in the money transfer procedure in long run, make it clear and convenient to the parties irrespective of their geographic location.

Cryptocurrency exchanges to consider

Binance is a fast growing market that reasoned its ICO on 21st July 2017 and increased 15,000,000 USD. The business is registered in Malta that is the crypto paradise and provides a blazing fast market.

Because its ICO to till date, it has grown tremendously and is currently put in high 10 cryptocurrency exchanges on the planet. It currently has over 190 altcoins recorded on it that are just increasing as the days are passing.

Binance being a centralized market has obtained a exceptional take to expand its small business and in addition gives an adequate reduction for day traders should they utilize BNB coins. BNB is Binance Coin that’s the native currency of the platform.


Binance’s fee arrangement is also exceptional. To begin with they’ve 0.1% trading fee that’s already less compared to other peers. You may also lower your fee farther in the event that you cover your trading commission in BNB based on this below-shown structure.

To begin using Binance you want to enroll together with your email ID and the procedure is quite straightforward & quick. Binance is among those few exchanges which provides mobile program for iOS and Android.

They also have competitive programs like multi-lingual aid, mobile programs for both iOS and Android users, Binance Angel Program, and also the Community Coin Per Month etc to get more adoption of the own platform.

BitMex is high quantity crypto exchange made by a talented group of economists, high-frequency dealers and internet developers for the crypto community.

Here you won’t ever find any problems concerning the liquidity of your cryptocurrencies.

The main money traded on this market is Bitcoin and its own future contracts.

Aside from Bitcoin contracts, an individual may also play with prospective contracts for altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Cardano, Litecoin, Ripple.

The enrollment procedure on BitMex is rather simple where you only should enroll through your email ID and their fee structure is also rather simple.

KuCoin is just another simple and easy cryptocurrency exchange. KuCoin delivers many popular and one of a kind coin for example DragonChain, $KCS, and lots of more. Exactly like Binance, they supply a fully operational mobile program for Android and iOS.

To begin using KuCoin, you are able to deposit any crypto of your pick ex: BTC and begin trading. As for me, I have been utilizing KuCoin since last quarter of 2017 plus they’re becoming popular daily.

Changelly is among the simplest ways of getting ahold of different cryptocurrencies.

Changelly has an established history of consistently great products being set out to the crypto-space.

Among the greatest things about Changelly is you don’t have to experience any lengthy confirmation or enrollment procedure. You simply log in with your email ID (or some other email ID) and begin exchanging!

At present, it supports over 35 cryptocurrencies together with fiat pairs like USD/EUR. It’s among the very best and simplest to work with exchanges on the market.

When you utilize Changelly to swap cryptocurrency, Changelly bots join in real-time into a few of the very best and most economical cryptocurrency exchanges on the marketplace to secure you the very best cost.

Usually, when utilizing Changelly, a crypto-to-crypto market requires 5 to half an hour.

They charge that a commission fee of 0.5percent on every transaction, which I presume is minimum in trade for the volatility and danger they keep on behalf of the customers. Besides this commission, a miner’s fee can also be covered by the consumer and is deducted straight from their crypto balance.

But all you have to have so as to purchase from Changelly is a VISA/MasterCard (credit/debit card) or some other Changelly-supported cryptocurrency along with a wallet in which you need to get your brand new coins.

The process is quite easy.

Head to Changelly, and follow the actions provided in this manual .

Huobi Pro is a global cryptocurrency market that originated in China but today has moved throughout the entire world to function as a maximum variety of investors. It’s based from Singapore and has been working in this area successfully for the previous five decades.

As we talk, it occupies the #3 spot on CoinMarketCap’s listing of trades by volume and contains 244 cryptocurrency pairs. Therefore, of course, of the, you won’t ever face liquidity issues on this particular market.

They also have cellular programs for both Android and iOS for customers that wish to exchange cryptos on the move.

Their registration procedure can also be fairly straightforward and straightforward, so go ahead and do the rest. Oh, and just so that you understand, the exchange rate is also fairly low. Have fun.