Donald Trump picks Ivanka to close out Olympics

Donald Trump picks Ivanka to close out Olympics

Ivanka Trump will lead the presidential delegation traveling to South Korea for Sunday’s closing ceremony.


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  1. Joey C

    What a disgrace she's a liar, thief, child abuser using children to make her cheap clothes. She has no right to represent The USA We The People do not want a hack liar con like her dad and brother's. She married a criminal and have sadly created children with these monster's. Ivanka You Are a Shameless Disgrace to all.

  2. Chris Amon

    Donald Trump can't choose his daughter Ivanka Trump to attend the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea for that. Trump has no right to send her there. She's not allowed to attend the Closing Ceremony for handover of the next city in Beijing 2022, 4 years from now. Donald Trump is a self-righteous fat-ass rotarian windbag. Ivanka Trump is a racist as a Czech wicked evil witch. I hate her. I wish she's never been born.

  3. Jim Roc

    Ivanka are we the tax payers paying for your stay in so. Korea? You worthless piece of shit! Did you get permission from daddy? Won’t he miss his sex toy, we all know you didn’t get your round mouth from eating three square meals a day. 🤤🤢🤮

  4. John Greene

    What a joke. No embassor in South Korea. Cause Trump can't find anyone and him knows only the best. And he sends his family member.Wow.
    Its a T.V. show he is running . lol
    Its also a cheap business trip. Sell a few hand bag to the south keorian. Win win for Trump industries. The tax payers of the U.S.A. are the greatest.

  5. Panzer Blitz

    Trump's inbred criminal family is a good reason not to watch the Olympics. I also refuse to watch one minute of this Olympic farce. South Koreans are torturing and massacring millions of dogs while this circus is going on.

  6. Elephant In The Room

    The trumps make me sick…everything wrong with people….you have the daughter of a billionair wearing a $20,000 outfits, and yet her father wants to cut snap benfits in half and replace it with a box of spam and canned beans…wants to end heating assistance….cut 30 million people off health insurance…vile sick part of humanity

  7. N C

    Half of the subtitles here are quite different from what they are actually saying.
    The second person (man) actually said "in relation to North Korea, (the U.S should) seek the way to initiate the dialogue for the peace. And the next lady didn't say anything about Trump.

  8. tree man

    You can tell Donald Trump has done a great job raising Ivanka
    And in return she has done a great job raising something on the Donald 🚩 when she sat on his lap

  9. Chris Amon

    Ivanka Trump is not welcomed to Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in the Closing Ceremony in Pyeongchang, South Korea. She just keep her hands off away from the Team USA Olympians and the International Olympians. I still hate her and she's a fraudulent liar.

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