Heineken pulls ad that many are calling racist

Heineken pulls ad that many are calling racist

Heineken has yanked their commercial entitled ‘Lighter is Better’ that Chance the Rapper called ‘terribly racist.’



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  1. George Thompson

    it could be racist. that's the problem. blacks never know because whites and jews make the advertising decisions. i hate beer anyway. light skin might get you more money but you will burn up in the sun with melanoma and lose your soul chasing paper. haha………blacks are eternal……..everyone else is just jealous……we never die!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone else does though because you were not made by God. you were all made in labs and hybridized with animal dna which explains your behavior especially toward black people. you are angry because you want what we have…..GOD!!!!!!! and a SOUL!!!!!!!!!! you can't have them…….and you cannot create one in a lab or by manipulating our eumelanin. you are all going to die for what you have done…….and that death with be death eternal. Die well…………..morons………….

  2. Yankeefan24

    We gotta start protesting about stopping racist/ignorant people (liberal/leftist) accusing marketing and other business of racism with no evidence and violating freedom of speech. Chance doesnt have proof. He should be prosecuted for being a troublemaker and creating more racism.

  3. Johnray Jones

    The beer passes every darkskin person and just seems to land in a light complexion hand. And say sometimes lighter is better and no one see this isn’t racist. 🤦🏽‍♂️ you’re part of the problem. They knew exactly what they were doing. Time to knock their stock down also.

  4. Turrican

    The idiots that make these wild accusations don’t even think through what they’re saying. A company exists for one reason, to make a profit. How do Heineken benefit from alienating a huge group of their potential customers and why would they want to make a kind of racial statement? How would they possibly benefit from doing that?

    There is not one beer in this advert. There are several. The first is pushed down a bar towards a black woman. The second is pushed towards a black guitarist. The third is on a tray that wheels past a black woman. The last skids to a halt on a table/bar and is picked up by a white-ish woman. The point being that in each scenario the beer is able to travel quickly as it is lighter – the pun being that less calories is synonymous with less weight.

    The advertiser has actually gone to some effort to include people of different ages, genders and races and the result is that some moron obsessed with identity politics calls them racist!

  5. Wfijvddjj Klngfdgh

    That’s how racism works now days . People can claim plausible deniability like trump but we know what is being said . Fortunately I took a physiology and sociology course to know what people are really saying. I’m making the switch to Coronas from now on. I can’t even drink with someone that’s is drinking a Heineken anymore.

  6. Twila Twittlehead

    Lighter is definitely better. Who wouldn't prefer a light skinned black girl to a black skinned, wide nose and weave wearing black girl? Is the ad racist? Yes. Life is racist, sadly. We have our racist preferences. Blacks need to accept racism and miscegenate with whites to lighten their skin color and better their features. Then the world will be a more beautiful and better place. Lighter is better.

  7. Jermaine Snyder

    You slid a Fn beer bottle past several Black people, to a white girl calling it light beer. No one at Heineken caught that, MF please! Of course it was intentional to get this attention. If you can't see that racism, you're a Fn racist!

  8. Buncha Baloney

    So say everything was reversed. A black bartender takes a bottle of dark beer and slides it down the bar passing several white people to end up at a dark woman and the caption is, 'Some times darker is better'. Would that still be racist?

  9. Enaytee

    So a white guy throws a beer toward a (black) chick and completely passes her than it cruises pass the guitar player (black) but before that it was not visible to the blurry (white) women than passes another (black) chick and it ends up with a White girl than says sometimes lighter is better! (But why are the black girls bald though 🤔)

  10. Terrance Macklin

    Of course we are over reacting because the commercial showed the beer passing by several white because the lady and the guy sitting on the chair playing the guitar was clearly in the background behind all of the white people in the commercial. LMAO

  11. Sasha Núñez

    This is offensive. And to the people saying this is pulling the race card, you are disguting. You are not POC so therefore you don't have a say in what is racist from what's not. Heineken should know better. You are a company. Learn from H&M. Stop being careless & insensitive to certain things.

  12. Blac O Cloc

    I could have passed on the racist underlining of this ad but I lived in Amsterdam for a few years and there was a running rumour that the owner of Heineken is racist so I think there is fire to every smoke

  13. Ben TEN TEN

    Trust me, what companies know exactly what they're doing. They know that even bad publicity is good publicity, as long as it has people talking about their product. And the fact that black are far too forgiving to boycott anything but for so long, before they start buying it in droves again. lets face it, like I've always said, what do you expect from a racist nation that was built, and thrives on racism. If it wasn't for systemic racism, america would be no better than any third world country.

  14. Boring Name

    So many black people seem to think it is still 1960. Please, join us in the 21st century. Nobody cares about your race, but you. It is about character. Being so easily offended about everything is not going to get you anywhere

  15. Joe Momma

    If anything, they being racist on the white people they blurred out. Most of the actors you can clearly see in the video are Black.

    Had all the black actors been replaced with whites and the blurred out actors been replaced with blacks, blacks would be bitching about that shit as well. Blacks make up 13 percent of the U.S population, however, they make up most of the actors you can clearly see on this commercial. Yet, they still bitching. Goddamn.

  16. Jacque Miller

    The beer passed by white people too, but I guess we'll just ignore that. It's enough actual racism to be outraged by Alton Sterling's killers just got off without being charged and people are upset about a beer commercial. Y'all been woke to long take a nap, sleep deprivation is real.

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