Starbucks boycott boils over despite CEO’s apology

Starbucks boycott boils over despite CEO’s apology

Starbucks customers around the country are boycotting the coffee chain after two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia store after an employee called police on them.


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  1. Eric Liestoh

    Yes, Starbucks is definitely overpriced and overrated, and I rarely patronize the place myself. But this is absolutely NOT about race, and it's NOT a civil rights issue. This is about acting like an entitled crybaby to get attention. The CEO of Starbucks should be morbidly ashamed of himself for kowtowing to this asinine nonsense. Nobody involved from their side did anything to be ashamed of, until this mangina showed his face on TV and gave those worthless twats what they wanted. Now things will only get worse. The SJW insanity was bad enough when it was confined primarily to college campuses. Now, it will be everywhere, if no sensible business owner has the balls and the brains to stop it dead in it's tracks. It's time for this shit to stop. And btw,, I'm not even a right-winger.

  2. Connie Ng

    The CEO shouldn't even apologize. That 2 men just went into starbucks without buying anything and refused to leave. Starbucks is not a public park man. They have their own customers to serve. What kind of mentality? how many protestors outside Starbucks …really protesting lol. If 2 white bums going to a black owned coffee shop and just enjoying the atmosphere without buying even one thing… I guess just let them sit under they close

  3. Eric Liestoh

    Did this dumbass mangina not learn his lesson when Rump called for a boycott on his business? It's about catering to your loyal CUSTOMERS, not kowtowing to political figures or freeloaders who don't buy jack shit from you. Stand up for your rights and your business, or you'll be walked all over. That's business philosophy 101.

  4. Burntburgers

    Black males make up 6% of the US population and contributed over 50% of violent crimes FBI statistics! That’s why the world and normal people look at blacks like a disease or a plague and the delusional race trading whites as traders

  5. ray bon

    Doesn't make much sense cause it's always been exactly that feeling that you didn't really ….really…have to order right away. Meaning it was never enforceable till now. Which has led to billions made. Millions of friendships study groups meetings. This model works. Not feeling obligated makes them more money than if there were an obligation.

  6. kioinde cox

    I'mma say my piece and be out. The two men were asked to either but something or leave. They chose to do neither and at that point they were in the act of trespassing. Now should they have been arrested not in my opinion but they did take it to a point where it didn't need to be

  7. Ricky Fontaine

    Good this is what happens when you have a racist Business you lose a ton of money… The black dollar is a valuable one… Go head racist whites go and support your local racist starbucks still not gonna make up for what that company has lost in a matter of days… 😉


    Since there is no such thing as a good white person living on stolen land drenched in innocent non white blood…the comments below are hilarious.Only 2 kinds of whites. Bad and worse regardless of political party. dems want smile in your face and do nothing hate. and the conservatives want open hate!
    Classic good white people riding unicorns to save the day!

  9. Shandra Newell

    This is not a starbucks issue..its a racist manager issue..and the hand book she was give when she was hired says nothing about call the police when they refuse to show you their concealed carry permit for their cell phones!!!

  10. A Krenwinkle

    Golly, why didn't white guy invite his black "friends" over to his house or his office? After all, in the original video, he said they had already met at Starbucks "a million times" with no problem. Gosh… was the white guy so afraid of them that he would only meet them in a public venue? (reaching for smelling salts) That's racist!

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