Teen gives emotional speech at gun control rally after mass shooting

Teen gives emotional speech at gun control rally after mass shooting

Thousands gathered in front of the federal courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, some 25 miles where 17 people were shot and killed at a high school.

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  1. gus HV

    In Mexico only criminals have guns, and the general population tremble with fear because they can not own guns. People in Mexico are always hiding their money property and family for fear of criminals infringing upon them. Is that what we want here in the USA. I do not want to feel what Mexican people have to put up in a day to day basis. Do you want to live in fear from armed criminals? These kids should travel outside this country, so they understand the power of being able to self defense. No one will come to your defense from armed criminals.

  2. 9911brian

    “Can you believe these kids?” It’s been a recurring theme of the coverage of the Parkland school shooting: the remarkable effectiveness of the high school students who created a gun control organization in the wake of the massacre. In seemingly no time, the magical kids had organized events ranging from a national march to a mass school walkout, and they’d brought in a million dollars in donations from Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney.

    The Miami Herald credited their success to the school’s stellar debate program. The Wall Street Journal said it was because they were born online, and organizing was instinctive.

    On February 28, BuzzFeed came out with the actual story: Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz aiding in the lobbying in Tallahassee, a teacher’s union organizing the buses that got the kids there, Michael Bloomberg’s groups and the Women’s March working on the upcoming March For Our Lives, MoveOn.org doing social media promotion and (potentially) march logistics, and training for student activists provided by federally funded Planned Parenthood.

    The president of the American Federation of Teachers told BuzzFeed they’re also behind the national school walkout, which journalists had previously assured the public was the sole work of a teenager. (I’d thought teachers were supposed to get kids into school, but maybe that’s just me.)

    In other words, the response was professionalized. That’s not surprising, because this is what organization that gets results actually looks like. It’s not a bunch of magical kids in somebody’s living room. Nor is it surprising that the professionalization happened right off the bat. Broward County’s teacher’s union is militant, and Rep. Ted Lieu stated on Twitter that his family knows Parkland student activist David Hogg’s family, so there were plenty of opportunities for grown-ups with resources and skills to connect the kids.

  3. SynthesizeMelee

    It is very apparent this young lady enjoys the attention of speaking out on.guns . Whoever the leftists are that are influencing her , why won’t you tell the truth about the parkland shooting ? Yeah the part about the left wing democrat “promise” program that allowed that kid to have no record of violence which then allowed him to get the gun . How is that Trump, Rubio or the NRAs fault ? Liberals don’t believe in discipline and now we have a couple of generations of out of control individuals who can’t distinguish violent video games and violent movies / rap lyrics and real life . Yes most kids would never take it this far but it only takes one angry , confused kid here or there to explode and act out this behavior . The NRA has never been for people like this getting a gun . The time has come for offenders to be held accountable instead of blaming an inanimate object like a gun . Obama , take your panty waist promise program and shove it up your liberal ass . RD

  4. Ron H.

    This tragedy was (very possibly deliberately) facilitated (passively set-up) by both the Sheriff's Dept. and the FBI who refused to investigate at all the MANY complaints people gave them about this nut. 'Guns' is NOT the issue, it's refusals to do traditional police work. It takes facts to stop this Liberal agenda. I dare you to learn the facts before forming an opinion. Do you know the FIRST act of every mass-murdering tyrant in world history is the confiscation of guns from the citizenry? Because that is the only defense for freedom against a corrupted military and police force. https://www.amazon.com/More-Guns-Less-Crime-Understanding/dp/0226493660/ref=sr_1_1

  5. Kenneth Durham

    Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people at Virginia Tech with 2 pistols. New gun laws will do nothing. Mental health is the issue. The majority of these murderers as taking prescription drugs for depression among other things, are taking illegal drugs, or are alcoholics. In the case of the Vegas murderer, all three were true.

  6. phil lamonica

    Be careful what you ask for my darling little 17 year old Antifa skinhead LGBT Socialist mouthpiece. When Donald Trump, the Nazi, racist, misogynist, homophobe gets re-elected you may need the 2nd Amendment and guns to fight the Fascist regime of America.

  7. Breath of the Weath

    0:23 if I put a gun on a table, it won't kill anyone. If someone were to pull the trigger, then it could kill someone. You guys need to learn that it is a goddamn mental health issue, and that guns are not the problem. Banning guns will do nothing, the killers will find a different way to harm others.

  8. Colby Thurston

    He could run through a crowd of students at lunchtime and Kilmore or less for the same amount with a car as he did with a gun you cannot blame the gun that dumb guy who is talking needs to get out and they real world for a while

  9. FrankieR 91

    Mental health is the problem..guns don't kill people ,people do..if you ban guns .people will find other ways to execute their plan…prob way more deadlier..like pipe bombs, toxic gas ,explode the school gas line..etc..stop acting like stuff can be changed..sometimes there is evil that we can't control and you have to realize it….

  10. Daffy Dill

    I work in a school and I carry a gun…… And will continue to do so regardless of the laws…I will not be left unprotected. The police can't stop violence, the government can't stop violence so stop listening to the false sense of security that the government or anyone else can and will protect you.

  11. c0br41

    There goes a stupid picture viral on the internet with the stupid text " Dear ban gun teenagers. 11 teenagers die a day from texting and driving. Let's ban your cell phone too." The idiot who wrote that should be a shamed of comparing this unrespectfull text. Some one killed by someone shooting on you is totally different than dying from texting, Her or him took the risk him/herself. Only stupid people compare those 2 facts with each other.

  12. quark boson

    If you really want to save kids lives, making the legal driving age 18. Do not change gun laws. Change what the kids can get. If you had taken away his cell phone and computer he would not have had access. If he could not drive he could not get guns so easy. Take away kids cell phone car and internet. makes a lot more sense. You save a lot of trouble. You save a lot of lives!. No kids lured by predators, tempted by drugs, influenced by weirdos. Maybe even stop some from becoming sexually perverted.

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