Trump explains U.S. airstrikes on Syrian regime

Trump explains U.S. airstrikes on Syrian regime

Listen to President Trump’s full address to the nation after ordering airstrikes on the Syrian regime. He also included a message for Syria’s allies Russia and Iran.


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  1. Kathlyn Hinesley

    Trump: What about chem trails used by Americans on Americans everyday under your watch? The U.S. has already admitted to dropping dangerous chemicals on us under the guise of geo- engineering. These chemicals cause brain damage, Alzheimer's and widespread suffering for Americans EVERYDAY. Yes… Trump… "What kind of nation would do such a thing?"


    this comment sections is aids. if this was all a set up by trump to go to war, why would france and britain join in with him? that would be the worst move possible from them. why cant you just accept the fact that assad used chemical weapons, and 3 world powers are coming down on him for it?

  3. Let’s Be friends

    Everyone look up Pale Blue Dot.
    That’s us. That tiny thing. And we are destroying ourselves when we only have each other. Over what? Money and power? Pathetic. We only have 1 planet. 1 human race and we are destroying everything. I’m embarrassed

  4. dingo23451

    Sooooo, ISIS was almost completely destroyed in Syria. Why should Assad then use chemical weapons against them? To ruin his fragile power? To invite the US to attack? I don't believe Assad was the source of the attack. i think this is a false flag.

  5. Rosscoe Schopenhauser

    One year ago,you said you were going to pull out.False flag chemical weapons.Mattis came out earlier this year and said you have NO proof of a chemical attack.But you bombed anyway.Two weeks ago you said you are withdrawing and low and behold,false flag chemical weapons attack again.At least Blair and Powell fabricated evidence and pleaded their fear without substance to the UN with regards to Iraq.You are indictable.You sir,are a war criminal.You have zero reason,none, to be launching an aggressive,deadly action against a sovereignty that has neither tacit or direct threat to the Republic of The United States.

  6. Rhys F.

    Well he went through with it, so it wasn't just a move to appease his generals or something at this point. I am wondering motive now. Current guess is that he's trying to convince Russia to be less independent from the West, using indirect force. As far as I can tell this is not a formal declaration of war, yet.

  7. Cargo Movers

    Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia can block medical aid to Yemen, launch illegal cluster bombs against Yemen, bomb defenseless Yemen civilians and this buffoon, liar, sexual predator wants to lecture Russia about backing Syria?

    Where's his condemnation of Israel killing unarmed civilians in Gaza?

    Where's the condemnation and military response to open slave markets in Libya, thanks to the United Snakes government.
    Any moron who still supports this bumbling so called "commander in chief" needs a lobotomy.
    Fake news comes directly from trump, no middle man required.

  8. SpazzyMcGee1337

    I didn't vote for the man, but I agree with this course of action. Under no circumstances should the use of chemical weapons be tolerated. If there is one decent excuse to use America's bloated military abroad, it's situations like this.

  9. MsPulimen

    Mr President can't get along with anyone and that's a delicate problem. I thought Putin and Trump were friends and supportive of each other, but we can see how Donald is basically criticizing Putin's decisions on the war against Syria. A man with a temper like that is going to get us all killed.

  10. caleb garza

    I believe that this was a smart decision to show that you can not mess with the USA. I guess that in 2013 Putin stayed he would go against and beat Syria but didn’t, so it is not president Trumps turn to show we will not support them.

  11. oldpukindog

    what about us that were in the gulf war. We are suffering from the effects of chemical exposure. And yet the VA tells us we it's all in our heads. Ironically they are right we have brain damage neurological damage . And we get the run around…

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