Woman lets out blood-curdling scream in dashcam video

Woman lets out blood-curdling scream in dashcam video

Police in Alpharetta, Georgia are investigating after dashcam video shows officers forcibly removing a 65-year-old woman from her car.


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  1. Tammy Crutchfield

    Wow they handled this so wrong I don't understand why it took 7 police officers to handle this lady. It really saddens me and it makes me ashamed to be a police officer…… because when it comes to the elderly sometime they can be difficult……. because they're set in their ways……. however if she didn't understand the citation …. and requested a supervisor you supposed to get one no questions asked…..If she didn't understand that it was not admission of guilt…..It was just acknowledgement that you going to appear in court ….. the offices didn't de-escalated things!!!! Shame on them…

  2. Bruton Gaster

    It doesn't matter if your old or young black or white male or female. If you don't cooperate with the police when they ask for your licence tell you to step out of the car etc they give you a couple chance and then they will enforce the law as is their job. You don't get dragged out of a car if you step out you don't get a ticket if you don't speed and everyone can reach behind their back easily enough. If an officer puls your arms behind your back it's because you have but yourself in a situation requiring restraint and refused to put your arms back yourself.

    I assume the reason for multiple officers hasor to do with police accountability and worst case thinking than the obvious abuse and looking for opportunity to shoot her as we see in this video.

    Sorry for the poor grammer. I'm not proof reading a YouTube comment

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